About us

Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk (KRPW) is an open collective of individuals, networks and organizations, which believes that sexuality is a key element of human existence, fulfillment and enjoyment. We hold that no individual, community or section of society should face stigma, discrimination or violence because of their gender and sexuality. The oldest Pride Walk of India, intends to make a political statement for Equality, Tolerance, Love and Solidarity. We want to walk for strengthening the voice for equality for all – irrespective of gender, sexuality, religion, etc. We walk in solidarity with all rights based movements, Child Rights, Womens rights, Dalit rights, Rights of the Disabled/differently-abled, students groups, and others. We also vehemently protest the increasing atmosphere of moral policing and the restrictive approach of the establishment towards any un-sanctioned behaviour. This moral policing is being increasingly used to stigmatize and discriminate against minority groups of all kinds.

Please note, we follow a ‘no organizational banners/ logos/ advertisements’ policy. Everyone walks with a common banner and that is Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk. The walk is completely community-funded. We don’t have any sponsors or specific funders. The fund is raised through fundraiser events and donations.

We invite all free thinking individuals, groups and entities to join us for the Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk. Let us stand in solidarity against discrimination, exclusion, and violence.