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Pride through the ages

Pride has gone on every year, adding more colour and faces, fewer masks and more smiling faces… now you can see for yourself, how it has evolved over the years!

We present the collection of Pride event pictures from 2011 to 2015 (on our Flickr page):


We present the common literatures of Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walks over the years:



Routes of past Pride Walks of Kolkata

a) 1999 – No fixed route. After a ritual round at the starting point at Park Circus Maidan, the attendees split into two teams – one when north, another south – to visit friendly and not so friendly agencies and individuals for awareness generation and advocacy. Walk concluded at Zeeshan restaurant at Park Circus, not the Maidan because the area was flooded.

b) 2003: Park Circus Maidan to Gol Park

c) 2004: Park Circus Maidan to Victoria Memorial

d) 2005: Rabindra Sarobar to Park Circus Maidan

e) 2006: Gandhi statute near Kolkata Press Club to Rabindra Sadan

f) 2007: Repeat of 2006

g) 2008: College Street to Esplanade

h) 2009: Repeat of 2008

i) 2010:

j) 2011: College Street to Shyambazar crossing

k) 2012: Hazra More to Ranu Chhaya Mancha

l) 2013: Repeat of 2012, though the route was slightly shorter

m) 2014: Triangular Park to Jodhpur Park

n) 2015: Deshbandhu Park to Moulali Ramlila Maidan

o) 2016: Esplanade to Park Circus Maidan


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